3 Reasons Why I Coach:

I am in love with “Ah-ha” moments

I am in love with “ah-ha” moments.  Have you ever experienced the moment when the world looks different to you although nothing has changed?  Have you ever felt a moment when the picture in your mind goes from blurry to crystal clear?  I like to call these moments “intellectual orgasms”. 

Remember back in the late 80’s when those 3D pictures featuring millions of tiny dots of color were popular?  When you looked at the picture, you only saw piles of needle-sized dots of pink, turquoise, and purple color.  But when you slowed down a bit, stood back and focused and found just the right angle, you would then notice that there’s a picture of a three dimensional eagle or a tiger shooting right out at you!  It’s funny because once you’ve had a chance to see the real picture, it’s impossible to go back in time.  It almost makes you laugh out loud because moments before you saw “the real picture”, you were sure nothing was there.

I believe there’s untapped potential in all of us. 

I believe everyone has wild amounts of power and potential.  I’ve seen too much evidence to think otherwise. But in addition to that, for many of us, we feel an innate sense that we need to access that potential and power.  Many times we start to “feel stuck” because we know there is more to our lives we are currently experiencing.

It’s like owning a sports car.  Many people would be happy to enjoy a sports car at highway speeds and take in the view.  Other people know there’s more capability in that vehicle but they debate over seeing what is possible for fear of seeing that stategically positioned police car flashing his lights moments later.

But then there are people who see what’s possible, understand the risk, and make a decision to experience that full potential with growth and strategy in mind.  They research a local racetrack, invest in a driving coach, and make a practice of regularly pushing the limits of their powerful machine.  And they are the ones who will be telling their grandchildren about what it was like to drive at Mach speed in a lovely sports car on a beutiful summer day.

 Are you someone who drives the speed limit on the highway just to stay safe with the rest of the pack?  Do you avoid pushing the limit because you think the if you do, your luck it will fail?  Do you take big risks and only see regret?  Or, do you see your hidden potential and do what it takes to reach for it?

I believe in the powerful way people can catalyze other people. 

In my experience, I have seen evidence that the amazing things happen when you are in the presence of another person who’s intention is to love you, love your dream, and hold a place for new possibilities to occur.  So many of us have been in the presence of a loved one, a colleague, or a stranger on a plane who held that space for us as we talked about our desires, and magically, something shifted that changed our perspective on life for the better. 

I coach because this type of event doesn’t need to be by “accident” or “coincidence”; this type of conversation can be scheduled into your calendar on an ongoing basis.  And I know that if we meet, connect, and discuss what’s happening for you in that moment, I have the presence and processes to help you see things differently.  And when you see things differently, the world is different…