Sales team transformation projects are exciting, challenging, and lead to fantastic results that are both numeric and intangible.

You might be a good fit for a sales transformation engagement if you or our team experience:

  • Lack of management visibility into significant business development opportunities
  • Long sales cycles that don’t always result in won deals; losing slowly
  • Complex sales requiring approval from multiple decision makers
  • Transitioning from a product-led sale to a solution-led sale
  • Inadequate prospecting and new business development efforts
  • Struggling to differentiate products and services from competitors
  • Lacking a rigorous and consistent process to plan and execute customer interactions
  • Need to collaborate across the enterprise to unlock the potential of strategic accounts

Engagements are holistic in nature and drive on-going results.

  1. Diagnostics into current sales process, challenges, skills, customers
  2. Implementation of business development processes that improve client focused interactions, deal strategy, and large account growth strategy.
  3. Coaching and on-going support as you implement tools, processes, and learnings into your team.
  4. Results analysis to better understand aspects of sales process that are improving and other aspects that may be limiting success.
  5. Win loss reviews to better identify best practices and continually improve business development qualifying and proposal practices and forecasting.

All industries can improve performance through implementing powerful sales process that drives behaviour change.

  • Automotive & Equipment Manufacturing
  • Business Services & Financial Services
  • Courier & Distribution Services
  • Consulting & Marketing organizations
  • Software/Technology & Telecommunications
  • Food Manufacturing & Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Healthcare & Medical Devices
  • Numerous Unique Small Businesses

Sales Process Training:

Sometimes, your team needs to dive deep into their current deals and map a powerful process against them to uncover ‘ah-ha’ moments.

Christine Laperriere proudly sells and facilitates the implementation of Miller Heiman business to business sales processes and methodologies. She is a channel partner who is certified to sell Miller Heiman methodologies such as Strategic Selling, Negotiating Success, Executive Impact, Conceptual Selling, Funnel Scorecard, Large Account Management Process, and Securing Strategic Appointments. She also builds custom sales process and training for organizations that require something specific and unique.

Sales Coaching:

If your income is directly related to business development and selling, I ask you whether or not you can afford to not be at your best?

Christine’s broad experience in helping sales organizations grow has given her an incredible amount of experience in the world of business development.  Each year she works with a small number of professionals that are tasked with important business development targets with the intention to help them ensure that they are positioned for increased success in each situation.