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Leader In Motion takes a fresh approach to engage with your leaders to transform productivity, improve culture, and retain talent across your organization. We deliver a proven, implementation-based methodology that helps your leaders raise their game and improve their personal performance to ultimately drive positive change across your organization.

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People don’t quit their job, they quit their boss

Build an engaged leadership team that will retain and elevate high performers, improve productivity and increase sales revenue

Accelerate and retain high potential female talent

Diversity at the top of an organization drives better decision making, increases innovation and ultimately increases profit to the bottom line

Produce winning sales results with your team

Best-in-class evidenced-based sales practices that deliver proven change across your sales organization

Proactively manage your energy to prevent burnout

Provide a framework and series of tools to help you proactively manage your energy before stress overwhelms you and limit your performance

Big ideas

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How effective are your team meetings?

Recently I was working with four directors on how to strengthen the performance of their respective teams. One of the biggest challenges these leaders face is managing constant ad hoc conversations with their team members.

6 steps to prepare for your next skip level meeting

Recently someone asked me how to prepare for a “coffee talk” with a senior leader in her organization. Her question was “How can I create a great impact in this conversation and start a strong relationship with someone who might sponsor my career one day?”

Are you allowing your team to be accountable?

Recently, I was at a conference in which Keith Fezzari was speaking on some of the elements of corporate culture and leadership. One of the things he spoke about was the importance of candor, accountability and agility in high performing cultures.

Tired? Are other people wearing you out?

7 Questions you need to ask yourself. If you are like most of us, you are busy chasing down new goals, new targets and new accomplishments. So many of us keep adding more and more to our to-do lists without strategically thinking through what to take off the list.

Coming back after maternity leave

Recently I got a call from a client I worked with years ago. Her question was one in which I’ve heard before: After taking time off from my career to raise my family, I’m now looking for my next position—and a new challenge. Where do I begin?

Leader In Motion transforms organizations and individuals by unleashing their true potential as leaders through the implementation of a proven blended learning approach to achieve sustainable and long-term results.

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