Leader in Motion

At Leader in Motion we envision a business world where leaders are the Best Bosses Ever. Leaders today struggle to connect generic leadership training and academic principals into action. As a result, businesses are filled with lots of mediocre bosses. Mediocrity in management leads to average performing teams, ineffective culture and poor business results. Research shows that the best managers, who are the Best Bosses Ever, can drive wild success for an organization both financially through improved performance and innovation and culturally with improved retention and job satisfaction. But being the Best Boss Ever does more than affect organizational performance it also changes a leader’s life forever by enhancing their personal skill set and career development.

By implementing the Best Boss Ever program you are not only going to make your organization more attractive to diverse talent, but more importantly we know the Best Boss Ever program is going to help your company RETAIN and ELEVATE that diverse talent pool, meaning more senior leadership positions for high performers of all types including women and minority groups. As leaders we will strive to be successful, we all want to be the Best Boss Ever yet lack the formal knowhow and techniques; through implementation based training, coaching and skill development we know organizations can fill these gaps and reap the rewards of improved performance.

As many of us have heard before, people don’t quit their job; they quit their boss. But people don’t quit when they have the Best Boss Ever.