Customized corporate-based training to accelerate your business performance

The best organizations know that it’s their people that drive performance. But there is an immense amount of pressure on your leaders to coach, manage and inspire their teams. Research shows that the best managers, who are the Best Bosses Ever, can drive wild success for an organization both financially through improved performance, and culturally with improved retention and job satisfaction.

Being the Best Boss Ever does more than affect organizational performance – it also changes a leader’s life forever by enhancing their personal skill set and career development.

Program Overview

Broken into a series of four workshops over an 8 to 12-month time frame, your leaders engage directly to apply behavioural tactics and learned techniques that will help them change the way they think. Following each workshop, your leaders will put classroom theory into action within your organization while receiving ongoing support from the coaching team. These interspersed coaching sessions are designed to enhance each leader’s personal skill set, delve into challenges, and address their personal obstacles to the required changes. Actions out of these sessions will be highly customized for each leader.

Best Boss Ever™ is a single program delivered in a highly customizable format.  Program workshops can be prioritized according to the needs of your organization through an assessment prior to kick off.

What will you learn?

Leader in Motion has taken the 16 most common challenges leaders face and built world-class content and tools to empower you to reach your highest potential. You will understand how to positively influence your environment, and your team – as well as your business – will benefit from the results.

Topics covered include:

  • Self-Leadership (Spotting Burnout, Worklife Wisdom, Passion, Commitment, Values)
  • Time Management in the 21stCentury
  • Growing Awareness and Creating Your Feedback Loop
  • How Your Personal Brand as a Leader Can Drive Your Career Advancement
  • Powerful Culture (Candor, Accountability, Agility)
  • Trust and Empathy in a Power Culture
  • State of Mind and Stress Management in a Power Culture
  • Aligning Your Leadership Strategy to Your Company’s Vision
  • Agents of Change (How Change Happens, Implementing Change, Measure Results)
  • Critical Decision Making (5 Processes for making quick, inclusive, smart decisions)
  • Meetings that Matter (5 Effective Meetings, Team Management Process)
  • Influencing With and Without Authority (Internal Selling)
  • Leader Intelligence™ and knowing when to use different leadership tools
  • Coaching High Performers, Low Performers and Everyone Else
  • The Connection between Performance Reviews and Coaching Greatness
  • On-boarding Practices that Empower Success to Start
  • Leading Virtual Teams – How do you Lead When No One Is There?
  • Inclusive Leadership, spotting your biases and leading through them

Who should take this course?

  • All leaders (supervisors, managers, directors, senior directors, VP levels) who manage 2 employees or more
  • High potential employees who will likely enter a leadership role in the next year

*This course is designed for mid-level management. C-Suite and senior executives should be allies of the program but may not be ideal participants

Requirements for success:

  • Senior Level Advocacy: It is critical that C-Suite and senior level executives are advocates of this program. They will receive regular updates on the program progress along with suggestions on how they can contribute to the success of the program.
  • Senior Level Support: Senior leaders should be aware that mid-level management may reach out to discuss issues and request coaching as part of this program. The more senior leaders prioritize these activities, the faster the outcomes of the program can be seen.
  • Accountability: Great programs happen when there’s a sense of accountability from participants to follow through on applying the learnings, working with peers, and coming back with learnings.
  • Trust: Great programs happen through collaboration, and together we can help you improve your leaders to drive success in your business.

Leaders who become the Best Boss Ever create a positive culture where new ideas can flourish and teams are inspired to perform at their best.

Call us today to start the conversation and learn how Best Boss Ever can transform your organization.