Program Overview

This course has been designed utilizing best-in-class evidenced-based sales practices and years of experience working with numerous sales teams across multiple industries. The result is a unique culture-based program targeted at implementing valuable behaviour changes to any sales team. Our approach is highly customized to help target and resolve specific issues your business is facing.

Broken into a series of four workshops over an 8 to 12-month time frame, your sales team will build the skills, insights and relationships that help them improve their outcomes.

  1. Each engagement begins with a series of interviews with sales leaders and top performers so we can quickly assess your organization and business concerns. This ensures we are focused on delivering relevant and timely content and working sessions.
  2. 4 separate workshops will be created over an 8 to 12-month timeframe to allow each participant to process ideas and information and work to practice these skills between workshops. A minimum of 2 workshops should be face-to-face.
  3. Commitment to action is a critical component to this course; participants are invited to attend this program with the understanding that taking deliverables out of each session to practice new skills is a critical element.
  4. Each workshop is designed with significant portions of group interaction and candid conversation using real deals from within your business. This is intended to not only help grow relationships, but to help participants learn from each other’s industry-specific experiences.
  5. Educational concepts are often deployed as tools that are quick to implement, easy to action in many different types of situations and are highly tactical in nature.
  6. In the premium offerings, three group coaching sessions will be conducted to help participants overcome personal challenges in learning concepts and impediments to take action. In these sessions, live deals from your business will be assessed, strategized and discussed. We also layer in time with the leaders to help them understand how to coach and implement these tools into their daily business practices.

What will you learn?

Topics covered include:

  1. The Science of Influencing Internally & Externally
  • Understand the neuroscience behind influence
  • Learn a compelling process to help understand how people see influence
  • Practice specific approaches to identify how influence happens
  1. Planning to Influence
  • Understand how to plan for strategic influencing conversations
  • Practice specific approaches to leading meetings to drive outcomes
  • Understand how influencing aligns with negotiations and conflict
  1. Strategize to Win
  • Lead a deep dive session into historical wins and losses
  • Strategic session helps extract best practices that lead to winning
  • Integrate best practices into meeting planning processes
  1. Strategic Leadership, Influence & Negotiations:
  • Recognizing how you influence change, vision and strategic direction
  • Learning how to engage others and drive ownership to influence change
  • Handling more complex objections and negotiation skills

Who should take this course?

All sales professionals…




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