Women of Influence Worldwide is recognized as the foremost leader in women’s advancement, empowerment and promotion, and by partnering with Leader in Motion to form the Advancement Center we have taken the research and knowledge of WOI and married that with the implementation-based culture change of LIM to truly move the dial on women’s experiences in the workplace. We are proud to say we have worked with literally thousands of women and men to improve their experience and increase inclusion and diversity in their corporate workplaces.

The Women of Influence Advancement Centre was launched with the sole purpose of helping women advance within their organization. Through numerous landmark research studies and ever mounting data we are able to show that a) diversity at the top of an organization drives better decision making, increases innovation and ultimately increases profit to the bottom line and b) high potential women often need unique coaching and support to help them advance to senior level positions.

Given these two truths, we’ve designed the “7 Pitfalls of Women in Business” program specifically targeted towards high potential women and truly giving them the skills they need and the coaching and accountability required so they put those new skills into motion. We’ve proudly worked with hundreds of individual high performing women to date and the number of promotions and careers we’ve helped advance has been staggering.

Contact us today to learn how the Women of Influence Advancement Center powered by Leader In Motioncan help your organization advance high potential women.

Sample: Women’s Leadership Program


  • Support the professional advancement of women and help women gain self-awareness and skills to reach their highest levels of potential.
  • Develop female leaders in order to be ready to fill senior level roles, ultimately creating more diverse and stronger teams at all levels.
  • Help female employees build a unique and cross functional networkof peers in support of increased job satisfaction, job retention and the ability to influence more broadly in their role.


In designing this program, we leverage research in women’s advancement to helped us first understand what highly successful women do extremely well and then to derive the most common challenges or “The 7 Pitfalls for Women in Business”.


We deployed very specific content to help women build the skills, insights and relationships that help them overcome these 7 pitfalls effectively.

A few important design details about this course:

  1. We create 4 separate workshop dates over an 8 to 12-month timeframe to allow each participant to process ideas and information and work to practice these skills between workshops.
  2. Commitment to action is a critical component to this course; participants are invited to attend this program with the understanding that taking deliverables out of each session is a critical expectation of the program.
  3. Three coaching sessions are conducted with each participant to help individuals to overcome personal changes in learning concepts and taking action.
  4. Each workshop is design with significant portions of group interaction and candid conversation to help grow relationships and help participants learn from each other’s industry specific experiences.
  5. Educational concepts are often deployed as tools that are quick to implement, easy to action in many different types of situations and are highly tactical in nature.

 “The 7 Pitfalls for Women in Business”:


  1. Growing Strong Relationship Currency & Performance Currency

i.) Understand the limits of the belief “Hard work gets you notice”

ii.) Understanding the importance of building strong relationships

iii.) Understanding sponsorship, mentorship and how these relationships form

iv.) Shifting networking activities to “Strategic Networking”activities

  1. Work-life Wisdom, State of Mind Toolkit

i.) Understanding the obstacles that prevent work-life balance

ii.) Growing Self Awareness through Work-Life Wisdom & Performance Mindset

iii.) Tools to support confidence and limit the need to be “Hard on Ourselves”

iv.) Tools to “Stay the Course”when stress levels are high

  1. Values, Personal Branding, Networking Tools

i.) Deriving personal values to steer authentic “Self Promotion”

ii.) Isolating your personal brand to help how you become known by others

iii.) Tactic strategies to aid in effective “Strategic Networking” conversations

  1. Strategic Leadership, Influence & Change:

i.) Shifting focus from “Grunt Work”to “Strategic Leadership” to your role

ii.) Recognizing how you influence change, vision and strategic direction

iii.) Understanding your audience to aid in “Making Bold Requests”

iv.) Learning how engage others and drive ownership to influence change