I think your greatest strength is the combination of 2 unique abilities that work in tandem. These are: 1) your ability to connect with people; 2) your ability to analyze a situation from many angles (e.g.: overall business environment – what do clients want to achieve; people – what motivates people and why are they taking the actions they are taking; process – what’s working and not working in the business). You build strong enduring relationships because you are likeable (ability to connect) and people respect your thoughts and opinions because you are wicked smart (ability to analyze). I have worked with 100s of people and few rival you in seamlessly combining those 2 abilities. I recognize that I can improve my own skills through watching how you do it and I am positive other people look up to you because of it. I saw this in action during many, many update meetings or when we were trying to sell more business. You were laser focussed engaged throughout each meeting and would ask a ton of insightful questions that made the clients have full confidence in your ability.

President, Boutique Consulting Firm


I want to thank you again for the training workshop this week. You did a fantastic job and we’re really pumped to start implementing all of the great things we’ve learned. As I mentioned earlier in the week, we’ve been working hard, now we have to start working smarter. I think this will get us there! I love your style – very relaxed and a lot of fun but at the same time very impactful.

Director of Business Development, Financial Services


Corporate Announcement: It is with great pleasure that I announce we have become a Nationally Approved Supplier with [Fortune 500 Company]. This key company milestone has been many, many years in the making through company-wide persistence and quality work by all of us – Thank you! We know that our new partnership with [Fortune 500 company] represents a tremendous opportunity for sustained growth and it also shows that persistence and quality work in all areas have been recognized by them to afford us this opportunity. I think it’s worthwhile to mention that they already have solutions in place with a competitor’s offering, but as new locations open or current locations require replacements, we are now an approved and preferred vendor. We are very excited to share this tremendous achievement with you.

Director of National Accounts, Equipment


I think Christine’s greatest strength is adaptability. Most people don’t like change. I think she can thrive in it and look for ways to come out ahead or in a stronger position as a result. In business partnerships she can assist in change leadership. Whether by brainstorming about what the benefits of change would be, exploring different techniques to get there or leveraging her vast knowledge of past successes where change was necessary, she aides businesses in their goal to survive and thrive. People are motivated and given confidence through her influence in this area to not only accept but embrace change.

Regional Vice President, Software


In our first meetings, you delivered interesting or thought provoking information (we wanted more). You not only get a good sense of where we were at, but you heard and respected my short term limitations and concerns. Your presentation to senior sales management was well prepared and you were clear and decisive. Your 1/2 day sales strategy session was interesting and your plan kept everyone engaged. I really felt like I had a good understanding of your suggestions and you were very easy to communicate with. You made sure you had buy in all the way through. In various workshops with my older and more difficult sales group, you kept them interested, and everyone had positive things to say about these sessions (which is a real feat in my eyes).

President, Mid-size Technology Firm


You always come well prepared, whether for a meeting, presentation, coaching, or training. I find you to be a great listener, you seem to really understand what customer needs or desires are. Finally, I appreciate that you deliver ideas in clear and understandable way, with excellent presentation skills, and you are relaxed yet confident. Your presentations bring value because people get it! They understand what your selling or teaching.

Vice President, Industrial Equipment


I have been working with Christine for nearly a year now. I don’t mean to use superlatives, but this woman is super amazing! She has an extremely helpful, compassionate, thoughtful, accommodating and most importantly, has a challenging and supportive approach to coaching.

After having worked with several coaches and some counselors, I was pretty cynical given my lack of movement forward. I had pretty much written off personal coaching, thinking that it was never going to provide me with the support, understanding and encouragement I needed. One day, I was introduced to Christine via email. I decided to take her up on her offer to have a powerful conversation. Wow! The thing that is amazing about working with her is that whether I am feeling low and challenged or whether I am feeling inspired, creative and energetic, I always feel like consulting with her because she can really work with you on your level. If I am in an energetic and action oriented space she supports me to make moves towards my goal. If I am feeling discouraged, she challenges me in ways that are constructive and hopeful.

Small business owner